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Hi, I am Sarah.

I’m so happy that you’re here taking

the first steps in order to sort out your finances.


I used to think that money alone would make me happy.


That money would give me freedom.

That my anxiety would magically disappear.

That shopping would numb my longing for something deeper. 


So I pursued it. 

I jump started my career in the wealth management industry.

And soon I got everything I thought I wanted.


Designer handbags, Michelin starred dinners,

multiple trips around the world.

Heck, I even bought my own apartment.

I made good money, but guess what

- I was still miserable. 


It all culminated in early 2018, and as I was lying on my yoga mat on a beach in India during my first silent retreat the voices of shoulds in my head went quiet.


It was the first time in my life that I had experienced that kind of silence, and it was so liberating.

That experience changed my life. 


Looking back now, I clearly see that the problem wasn’t money. Actually, it was never even remotely about money. But it rarely is.

We as humans project so much onto money that has nothing to do with money itself.

It’s just the universal unquestioned answer.


Now I know better.

Now I have a much more fulfilling experience of life and money.


And that is why I am doing this.


I want to help you get there too!


My soul spots


Financial Coach


Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Investment Advisor
(not practicing)

5+ years in the Wealth Management Industry

Positive Psychology Practitioner

When we know better
- we do better
                       Maya Angelou
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