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Do you want to build generational wealth that is sustainable both for you and the planet?

Do you value yourself enough to build

your own safety net?

Do you want to have a much more

fulfilling experience of life and money?


30 days of one-to-one coaching

Your path to financial success will be unique to you, and the obstacles you must overcome will be yours alone to face. While working with me, I will not simply give you the answer but I will work with you to help you explore the various options that will allow you to make the best decisions for you.


This is an intimate space for us to meet and tailor a journey just for you,

with full support and accountability, to focus on building the habits that will lead you to live your dream life.

I support you with personalized and in-depth guidance through clear, actionable, and high-impact steps designed to supercharge your money and put you on the path towards long term sustainability wealth.


Learn - Align - Invest - Automate


I simplify investing down to its most important yet digestible elements, 

making the process both fun and educational


I guide you to define your values and find what you truly care about,

then create your own investment policy statement


I help you bridge the gap between the theoretical financial knowledge and the practical so you can start investing immediately


I support you to build magnetic habits that works for you

and help you automate your conscious investment plan


For only


You get:


Weekly Coaching Calls

Money Management System

Personalized Investing Plan

Automation check-list

Banking System

Debt Payoff Plan

+ Unlimited access to me via email

  • 20-minute discovery call for 30-day private coaching with Sarah.

    20 min