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  - for you and the planet  



You have decided that the time has come to take control of your savings and finally build long-term generational wealth that is sustainable both for you and the planet.


It's momentous*.

I remember the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by complex financial terms and concepts, let alone not knowing what I actually was putting my money into.

That's exactly why I have created this community.

Being rich is having money

Being wealthy is having time


* The word momentous is used to describe a time of great consequence or a major accomplishment. When a moment is so great you know you'll never forget it, you have just experienced something momentous.

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I simplify investing down to its most important yet digestible elements,
making the process both fun and educational
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A Beginner’s Guide 

To Personal Value Investing

​Here's what you'll learn:

  • What’s the purpose of money?

  • Voting with your money

  • Personal Value Investing

Meet Sarah

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Sarah is an investor and educator who is on a mission to help millennials to build generational wealth that is sustainable both for themselves, and the planet. 

She teaches and engages with people on how to make more educated and ultimately more successful investment decisions, connecting both emotions and numbers.


Sarah has an MSc in Economics from Lund University and several years of experience working in the wealth management industry in both Sweden and Switzerland.

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It's not an investment if it's destroying the world
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